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Private Training Rates:

50 Minute Sessions with NewEdge Hockey!
(compare to 30 minutes sessions for $42+ per session elsewhere!)

1 Session / $70 per session
3 Sessions / $60 per session
5 Sessions / $55 per session
10+ Sessions / $50 per session

Elite Prospect Training Rates:
+22 per session

Small Group/POD Training Rates:
- 15 per session

Private & Small Group Training

Private and Small Group Training with NewEdge Hockey ensures rapid development through high repetitions and attention to detail.

Elite Prospect Training: 1 student with 1 professional trainer (includes ProCart service and priority scheduling).
Private Training:  Up to 3 age and skill compatible athletes working with 1 professional trainer.
Small Group/POD Training: 4 to 8 age and skill compatible athletes working with 1 professional trainer.

Some key focuses are:

Performance Skating, Edge Efficiency & Power
Shooting Fundamentals to Creative Skilled Scoring Techniques

Puck Control
(must do's and absolute don'ts)
Passing and Receiving Fundamentals to Advanced Techniques

Zone Play (entries, cycling, offensive and defensive responsibilities)

Position Specific Training

Body Contact, Angling, & Checking

Shot Blocking
(when, where, how and safely)
Reading Plays and Anticipation

Communication (verbal and nonverbal)
High Tempo "Thinker" Drills
Unique Skill Enhancement Drills
and much more!

Registration, Payment, and Scheduling

Simply click the "register now" button, fill in and submit the online form.  If paying by credit card, we will email you an electronic invoice.  If paying by cash or check, you can do so at your first scheduled session.

Private and Small Group Training takes place 7 DAYS A WEEK!

Monday through Friday  4:00pm - 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 10:00am



NEHDA Retainer Program

Hockey is an expensive sport and adding the expense of needed 3rd party specialty training can put a strain on the wallet.  NewEdge Hockey Development Academy's Retainer Program has quickly become a popular selection for our customers because of the great money saving features of the plan.

Retainer Package: $1000.00

Private Lessons Rate: 35 per (savings of $15.00 per session from our lowest rate)
Small Group/POD Rate: 25 per  (savings of $10.00 per session from our lowest rate) 
Elite/Prospect Rate: 55 per  (savings of $17.00 per session from our lowest rate)

Retainer customers can mix and match sessions and can use their retainer funds at exclusively discounted per session rates as shown above and will receive an additional 15% discount off all other NEHDA services like camps and clinics!


John Smith:  $1000.00 Retainer

In December, John Smith utilized 4 Private Sessions at 35 each (140), 1 Small Group/POD Session at 25 and registered for a Defenseman Clinic for 149.00 (minus his 15% discount) which brought that clinic to 126.00.  Here is the math:

John Smith / December 2017
Account Start: $1000.00
Private Session: <140.00>
Small Group Sessions: <25.00>
Defenseman Program: <126.00>
December Adjustments <291.00>

Balance Forward $709.00

this customer saved $143.00 being on the retainer program.

* retainer customers get extra perks as well like free gear and supplies like NEHDA jerseys, t-shirts, hoodies, and hats as well as supplies like clear tape, cloth tape and stick wax!)