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Goalie Training with NewEdge Hockey Development Academy

Goalie Training with NewEdge Hockey is an excellent way to gain maximum potential! We welcome new and returning participants and are excited to work with motivated goalies of all levels.  NewEdge Hockey also provides youth hockey organizations group rates to train at our facility or yours.

In private goalie lessons, goalies will receive instruction on the most progressive save techniques with a focus on building solid fundamentals through muscle memory and positive reinforcement. Private Small Group Goalie Training will have a max number of 6 goalies training with 1 instructor.

All sessions are conveniently located at Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex, 2700 Brighton Henrietta Town Line rd. Rochester, NY 14623.

50 Minute Sessions with NewEdge Hockey!
(compare to 30 minutes sessions for $65+ per session elsewhere!)

3 Sessions / $75 per session
5 Sessions / $70 per session
10+ Sessions / $60 per session

RETAINER RATES / $50 per session

* officially confirmed to be the least expensive training option in WNY.

Registration, Payment, and Scheduling

Simply click the "register now" button, fill in and submit the online form.  If paying by credit card, we will email you an electronic invoice.  If paying by cash or check, you can do so at your first scheduled session.

In Season Sessions (September 1st - March 31st)

Monday through Friday  4:00pm - 5:00pm (subject to change)


Points of Emphasis By Age

This is a crucial part of their development. Most bad habits we see in goalies are developed during these years, due in large part to lack of instruction. Goalies need, like all athletes, the proper balance between competition and skill development. For goalies, most team practices are just more competition. Their teammates are trying to score on them and they have to stop as many shots as possible. This does not develop skill. Imagine putting your kids into a bunch of golf tournaments without ever putting them in golf lessons. If you are going to compete, you need some fundamental skills to build your game around. We help young goalies build their game from the ground up by instilling muscle memory of the most important skills.

* Skating
* Stance
* Maintaining good balance and stance during crease movements
* Tracking the puck visually
* Challenging shooters beyond the top of the crease
* Gap Control and backwards movement (to help master breakaways)
* Basic reflex saves (Stick saves, glove/blocker saves, half butterfly saves)*

*Reflex saves (as opposed to blocking saves) must be learned at a young age. Modern goalie equipment facilitates blocking saves quite easily and too many young goalies can rely on their gear to do much of the work for them. If they don't learn to use their reflexes at a young age, they will never reach their full potential in years to come.

By now most goalies have played a lot of games and received some formal training. For those that fit into the majority we start to challenge goalies develop patience and confidence in their positioning. As they grow taller they will be able to use the butterfly more often but still need to use it at the right time. At this age goalies should remain focused on their overall skating which will be crucial in the development of their puck handling skills outside the crease. If they are strong enough at this age, they can start to learn more advanced skills and begin to focus more on recovery movements after the save and some more secondary save techniques. We will teach them the skills that can be used for all styles of play, because they are too young to consider themselves to play just one style of goaltending.

* Skating
* Movement
* Recovery basics
* Patience
* Angles and positioning
* Proper timing and technique of the butterfly (and other "blocking" skills)
* Introduction to puck handling/dump-in skills

Some goalies by now are nearly full grown while others are just beginning adolescence. This variance can be cause for a flexible approach to teaching and coaching. Those that are maturing physically and mentally are challenged more than ever to be dedicated and self-disciplined in their efforts. Goalies at this age are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves to prepare for games, take care of their bodies, and push themselves in practice. By now many goalies will be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and with the help of our staff will learn how to use their strengths to their advantage and improve their weaknesses for a better all-around game.

* Skating
* Mastery of movement skills
* Dynamic use of recovery skills
* Creative use of the stick including puck handling and poke checks
* Adaptability for all different game situations including rushes, attacks from behind the net, wide angles, tips/screens, and rebounds.

Whether a student who has been with us for years, or one just getting to know our staff, we can work within each athlete's abilities and tendencies while encouraging creativity and open-mindedness for the development of new skills and concepts. Goalies will be pushed to be more athletic and mentally tough. They are now ready for a more in-depth education about the position and also need inspiration to be at their competitive best.

* Skating
* Adding speed to all basic skills while maintaining efficient techniques
* Situational mastery; when to be patient and when to be aggressive
* Mastery of all save techniques, both blocking and reflex saves

It's no surprise to us that goalies at these levels want to go back to basics. After years of intense competition they understand the value of fundamental skills. Fundamental skill mastery comes from thousands of repetitions to build muscle memory. These goalies will work on the same skills as goalies at all other levels but do them faster and stronger. At the highest levels of play, there will be more traffic around the net and many goalies need to expand their set of blocking skills to adapt at the highest levels. They are also expected to handle the puck more than ever.

* Basics!
* Advanced blocking skills
* Advanced puck handling drills

NEHDA Director of Goaltender Development Dan Kuntz working with Professional Goalie, Jetta Rackleff



Dan Kuntz
Director of Goaltender Development
Top Rated Goalie Trainer in Rochester, NY
2 Time USA National Championship Experience

Billy Sauer
Professional Goalie Instructor
Former Professional Goalie AHL / ECHL
Former NCAA Division 1 Goalie / Michigan

Shane Madalora
Professional Goalie Instructor
Former Professional Goalie / ECHL, France, Italy
Former NCAA Division 1 Goalie / RIT