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NEHDA Coach & Trainer Education Program

NewEdge Hockey Development Academy offers very informative and innovative seminars for hockey coaches. Many organizations require coaches to be certified through a larger governing body - for example USA Hockey's CEP and Age Appropriate Modules. NewEdge Hockey supports certification programs like USA Hockey's CEP's and we find a tremendous amount of value in them.

We have worked very hard to bring coaches a much different hockey education experience with our hockey education programs. Over 4000 hours of research and development have been put into this program and we are never idle with reference to the continued development of this program.

We Provide ACTIONABLE Material

Throughout the process of developing this program we made a conscious effort to make sure we would cover and supply information for topics that hockey coaches want, not what we think they want. Our surveys have received over 6000 responses which helped us define many of the program topics.

We provide seminars for individual coaches who register for our scheduled events and we provide private seminars for youth hockey organizations as well. Here are some examples;

CTEP Topics



Progressive & Dynamic Drilling

Drilling Half Ice & Full Ice: 

This section contains exceptionally detailed drilling and training information for every aspect of the game of hockey. From individual skill and tactical development all the way to advanced concepts and strategies and everything in between.  Drills are set by category, in video, pdf, and dde formats and come with very detailed explanations about;

  • What the drill is designed to develop
  • How the drill relates to game play
  • How the players will benefit

Most drills have 2-6 progressions and include focus points, common player mistakes and how to correct them.

A great practice plan is only as good as the drills in it which are only effective when facilitated properly. The fine details within the drills will determine if the players develop or not. Many youth hockey coaches do not realize when players are practicing wrong. You cannot correct something that you do not know is wrong and you cannot promote or support something that you do not know is right. Bad hockey habits are usually built in practice and then demonstrated in games.  The longer this cycle goes, the more damaging to the player(s).

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Our Programs Are Used in Over 6 Countries

Coach & Trainer Testimonials

"Just to give you a bit of my hockey coaching and upper lever experience, I worked in the WHL, for the Calgary Flames and I have worked for Hockey Canada. I'm currently the head coach the Timmins Falcons Female team and also assisting with our Midget AAA Majors and with the Junior A Cochrane Crunch of the NOJHL.

I coach a very special program of talented females. In northern Ontario. We live in a very isolated commute but challenge for the provincial title every year. I am very selective about the hockey education resources I use and I find tremendous value in Rob Sedia's program. Rob's knowledge of player development is exceptional and I use a ton of his drills. I have run complete practices with NEHDA's information and my players absolutely love it.  I've coached for 30 plus years but understand I can still learn!"    Coach Pete Montana / Northern Ontario Canada